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The Mighty Fleer Conquering The King Billy NorthamptonThe Mighty Fleer Conquering The King Billy Northampton

Introducing Fleer Band Members

Left - Wilem Thomas - Bass/Lead & Backing Vocal

Centre - Martyn Nicholson - Drums

Right - Liam Garratt - Lead Guitar/Lead & Backing Vocal

Fleer Band Biography

Liam and Wilem met at Warwickshire College in Leamington Spa where both had been playing their respective instruments for around five years. They discovered they had a common musical interest in the form of Alt Rock. From that point Fleer was born. Liam and Wilem are the founding members of the band which formed around January of 2014.

Latest Band News

 Summer 2015 - Present

Introducing you to Fleer's new drummer Martyn Nicholson formerly of the band Crail. He is a self styled smooth dynamic drummer reminiscent of Keith Moon, although that would be an unfair label to put on such young shoulders.

Martyn offered his services to Fleer when Liam and Wilem requested to borrow his drum kit, to try out a band duo following Louis departure from the band.Martyn "Moon" Nicholson - Fleer Drummer 2015 - PresentMartyn "Moon" Nicholson - Fleer Drummer 2015 - PresentMartyn's style has influenced the music Fleer now play and is a welcome addition to the band. He also attends the same college as the other band members in Leamington.


Spring 2014 - Summer 2015

A long search for a hard hitting drummer began in the Spring of 2014 to compliment the music Alt Rock genre, and it was very difficult to find someone in the local area.

However as luck would have it, Liam visited Louis Sproul a friend from his secondary school who had done some drumming for fun and convinced him he was exactly what Fleer were looking for and the trio was complete.Louis "Grohl" Sproul - Fleer Drummer 2014 - 2015Louis "Grohl" Sproul - Fleer Drummer 2014 - 2015

Louis was with the band for around 18 months which culminated in Fleer's first EP named "Fleer". In the Summer of 2015 Louis sadly left the band by mutual agreement. All remain friends.


Winter 2013 - Spring 2014

Fleer would like to say a big thank you to George Wenman who stood in as Fleer's drummer in it's infancy from the Winter of 2013 till the Spring of 2014.George Wenman - Fleer Drummer 2013 - 2014George Wenman - Fleer Drummer 2013 - 2014

George is an accomplished classical pianist and is now pursuing that path. He is attending Portsmouth University as of 2015 and we wish him all the best for the future.

Fleer - Whats It Mean?

As many of you will know searching for a band name especially a single word name is incredibly difficult as they are all taken by some other band around the world. However eventually Liam and Wilem came up with this name from a random cool words website. It's meaning is to "Laugh impudently or jeeringly" The band name has been registered with the "Musicians In Your City" database.

Musical Influences

As Fleer encompass Alt Rock there are quite a number of influences within both their own musical songwriting and cover songs from other artists that they play at their live performances. The following artists are the core of these influences.




Queens Of The Stone Age

The Pixies

Foo Fighters

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